Monday Cache Run

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yesterday, Ruth had the day off so we decided to run some errands in Fond Du Lac and do a little caching after we were done.  We were able to find 14 caches, every one that we went after, which was nice. 

We did have a run in with the cops yesterday, but nothing cache related or anything cool like that.  Here is the post from the log.....

"Found this cache today right after our run-in with the State Trooper...nothing cache related, or cool like that. We were pulled over just before finding this for not having our seat-belts on...which is rare. Our Nuvi took us in off of Rolling Meadows drive, we got out at the gate to check things out, and figured out we had to drive around and search this one from the other end of the road. We needed gas, so why put on the seat-belts for the .3 mile drive to the BP station?? Well, in that .3 miles of road there happens to be a State Trooper headquarters...he literally pulled out of his lot, flipped on his lights and pulled us over within feet of the BP station we were headed to. After all of that we found the cache, right next to a nice little creek, which happened to be flowing pretty swiftly today. TFTC!!!"   

Thankfully we have not gotten any fines lately, so the seat-belt fine was only 10 bucks.

Keep posted, I am hoping to make a few runs yet this week, and we might be taking our friends out caching this weekend, they are rookies and seem really interested in trying it out.


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