Travel Bug Saved

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This morning we pulled the travel bug from the current owners inventory. Now that we are currently the owners of the travel bug, we fixed it up and gave it a new dollar bill to share its journey with.  It feels good to save a travel bug that has been out of circulation for 3 1/2 years.  We hear all of the stories about long lost bugs and coins, it is nice to resurrect one and keep it going.

Here is the bug page where you can read the log I posted for getting it back in circulation.

This Saturday it will make its re-debut at the 2010 WGA Winter Bonfire & Chili Feed .  I am hoping someone will snatch it up and move it along, or at least discover it.

I plan on doing some major caching soon, so it will get some mileage no matter what!

Here is the bug all ready to go, I figured the tag would be safer by just taping it right to the bill.  I hope it has another log journey, and I am considering myself the new owner!!! LOL, it will be going on my watch list for sure!!


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