Group Caching and a Milestone

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few days ago we got an invite from a local caching friend to join him and some other cachers on a run for some harder caches.  BakRdz sent out an e-mail inviting Jstajlr(Cocoa), Stubbs13, CodeJunkie and ourselves on this little power run.  We set out on our first cache at about noon.  The day included a few adventures and more than a few laughs.  We ended up finding six caches with the group before we had to break away and head for home.  Thanks BakRdz for inviting us on the adventure.  If you are interested in reading about our journeys a little more, I will attach a list of the caches we did, just click and read the logs placed by all of us.

Walk on the Wild Side #4
Walk on the Wild Side #5
WSQ 967 Visitor (Wild Rose)
Take a Hike!!
The Lake That Rushed Away
WSQ Grandma and Grandpa G*Force

Below are some pictures taken throughout they day., and even a video of Jstajlr making the river crossing after grabbing Walk on the Wild Side 5 cache. Does he get wet???

Does he make it??

          The boat Landing that leads to                                Our 400th Find!!
                     "NO LAKE"                                          Walk on the Wild Side #4

                    The Bridge to #5                            Attack of the Labrat!!!  The cache owner
                                                                          labrat wr, knew we were attempting this cache
                                                                          so he made this on the truck while waiting for us
                                                                          to return.


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