Cache Run, More Cops, and Leprechauns

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today I went on another caching run, what a perfect day to be outside!!!  I chose to do a few caches that were a little bit more of a hike than the normal park and go.  I took just a few pictures of the winter scenery, enjoy.

Once again I had another run-in with the police...this time no tickets were written, and I did not get in any trouble.  Once again I will post what I wrote in the cache log instead of typing it all over again.

-----When I got back to the truck, things got a little more interesting. I just got back in and was plugging the next set of coordinates into the nuvi, and the lowrance. I look in the mirror, and there are the familiar cherries and berries flashing behind me(just got pulled over on Monday while caching). The officer walked up to my window and smiled.....this is different I thought to myself! He said, "we received a call, and you are suspicious". I said "well, I am geocaching", and he smiled again, I asked "have you heard of it". He replied right away, "oh yes, a friend of mine is a geocacher". He asked if I was able to find the cache and if I knew the person that placed this cache. I told him, I have never met the cache owner, but I believe they are from the area. He was just wondering if the cache owner was a member of the school district. or not. He then asked me if I had found the one on the south shore of Big Green Lake at Dodge County park. I said yes I had, he said he had found that one with his buddy. He wished me luck on the rest of my searches and we were both on our separate ways. It was very cool to see a police officer that had been geocaching, and I thought it was funny he would bring up a certain cache that I had done before. It was nice talking to him, and to prove that I really was not suspicious.-----

It was definitely an interesting day.  One of my favorite days of caching yet, nice and relaxed.

I am setting up a small outing to go get "The Green Lake Leprechauns" cache, we will be going after it on the 13th of this month.  If you are in the area, stop out and join the fun.  There will be food and drink to be had by all after the cache is logged.  I will be sure to post pictures on the blog after the outing is complete.  Get the details at the WGA Forum Page for this outing.


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