Lost Travel Bug Found!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In June of 09, when my caching career was only one month old I went on a caching trip up to the Minocqua WI area.  On one of the finds I noticed a travel bug dog tag in the cache, nothing but the tag.  I was a total newbie, but I knew that I should not be finding just a tag in a cache that supposedly has no inventory.  As soon as we got back to the hotel I looked up the travel bug, and it was not found..so I thought, I must have typed in the number wrong or something.  
So yesterday when cleaning out the truck and looking through some caching memorabilia we have I came across this tag again.  Once again I went online to look it up, sure enough, I must have typed in the correct number, becuase this time I successfully found the travel bug page.  This particular bug has not been logged since August of 2006, and is still supposedly in the possession of a WI cacher.  This cacher had never visited the cache I found it in, but did find a cache a few miles away around the same time that it went missing.  I am sure it was an honest mistake, I am hoping we can reverse it and fix it up again.

I have sent an e-mail to the T.B. owner, and the cacher with this bug in their inventory.  I am hoping to get in contact with both people and resurrect this long lost bug.  

It sure would be nice to get it fixed up and back in circulation.

Check back to see how I end up with this situation, I hope it works out. 


Kris said...

Saw your comment on our last post and on my personal blog so checked out your blog. Great stuff! We will follow along as well :)

Happy Caching!

Kris said...

LOL on the Vikings/Twinkies comment! I am not much of a baseball fan but am a huge Vikings fan. Still a little deflated from how our season ended this year. Such a horrible disappointment! I put some blame on N.O. and on the Vikings. Sigh....
Better luck next year right? LOL

Kris said...

You on Facebook?

Kris said...

OK, just thought I'd check :) We are both on FBook and Twitter if you ever jump into that addiction!

ACK said...

Thank you for your note of concern. It made me feel great. I am glad that you found the trackable.

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