Back Home Caching

Monday, March 28, 2011

I have been home since Thursday morning, and have really enjoyed being home for a little break.  I have been eating way to much.  But it has been great hanging out at my normal places, and seeing some regular faces.  

Ruth and I finally headed out for some caching this has been so long since we have done some serious caching.  We found all 17 caches we set after, so it was a very successful, very beautiful spring caching day.

Here are a few pictures taken on our journeys today.

 This was a great cache in an area that recently became public property, it had a nice boardwalk, and a great view.

 Heading in!

 Are there boards on the boardwalk?

 The view of Big Green Lake in the background, you can see Sugarloaf behind us at the southern edge of Norwegian Bay.  Perfect Day!!

 Yup, there are boards.

 Another view of the bay

 Closeup taken with the Ipod...awesome caching tool!!!

 This is a picture of a log in a cache that we were unable to sign due to us stupidly forgetting the pen in the truck.  Will be sent to the owner, hoping they do not delete our log.

Now that the weather is getting better in North Dakota, and the snow is melting, I hope to finally get some caching done over there.  Keep posted!