Leprechauns Outing

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday was the day that our group of local cachers came out to find the "Green Lake Leprechauns".  We had 13 people including myself looking for the cache.  It was a perfect day, temps near 30, absolutely no wind, and not a cloud in the sky.  It did not take long to do at all, it was a four part multi, but all of the stages were very close to each other.  I think we spent more time talking afterward than we did seeking the cache.  Click HERE to be sent to the picture gallery.  Thanks to Jim from "JimandLinda" for taking the pictures, I hoped to have the pictures to put right on the blog, but technical difficulties have prevented the pictures from getting from Jim's computer to mine.  Thanks go to: BakRdz, JimandLinda, sloughfoot, amita17, marc 54140, benny7210, 2boyz, jstajlr, Digital Dan, and wywrdsn for joining in on the fun. 

I hope to hold many more events like this over the years, it really is fun to casually cache with other people.  There are so many stories to be shared, and allot of knowledge to be gained. 


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