Should have cached!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well after my complete weekend of ice fishing, I realize I should have gone caching.  I spent a total of 20 hours on the ice this weekend and had exactly 0(zero) tip-ups.  Not even a nibble.  We did have fun playing cards though, I did manage to win a few bucks playing 31.  Today we also watched a recovery team pull an ice-shack out of the water that fell through a little while ago during the warm weather/rainstorms we had.  It was very interesting to see them do it, I did take some pictures, but the camera is still in the ice-shack on the lake.  I will post if I think of it. 

The whole weekend I was within a mile of the great 4/4 cache on Big Green Lake called "The Green Lake Leprechauns". This is a cache I have wanted to do since day one, which is landlocked and can only be reached by water.  The ice as good as it is, I might have to knock this one off of the to-do-list this week maybe. 

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