Saturday, May 1, 2010

I stumbled across this blog in the Groundspeak forums...Letterbox and Geocache Abuse
  This person thinks that geocaches and letterboxes are trash hidden in the environment, trash that is supposedly causing damage to our sensitive ecosystems.  I agree we need to watch out for our wild areas, but I think this person may be over-reacting a little.  The way I see it, geocaching causes the exact opposite effect on our wild areas.  I know that when we go caching we always bring out as much trash as we can carry.  To solve this supposed problem, this blogger is stealing the caches that he/she believes are causing the problem...not sure that is an effective solution, but the one they have chosen.  Check out the link, and like I did, leave a comment and let this person know that geocachers make up a great community of nature loving freaks!!


Cache Mania said...

Stealing caches is definitely the wrong approach. I do believe the cachers need to be sensitive to wild areas. Caches are hidden from view primarily so that they are not inadvertently discovered by muggles. For this reason I question the wisdom of hiding a cache so that it requires a lengthy bush whack. A few meters from a trail is usually sufficient. Heck, urban caches are hidden in plain site!

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