Weekend Caching...and Cache-Bag Additions

Monday, May 10, 2010

 Weekend Caching

We were able to do a small amount of geocaching this weekend, not much, but it was kind of nice to take it easy.  Its not always about doing as many as possible.

A new series was just published in our area before the weekend, and we decided to give that one a go.  It sure was nice to find some caches close to home once again, as a few new cachers have popped up, and are placing some nice new caches.  SWEET!!!  The name of the Series is "Town of Nepeuskun Series".  Nepeuskun is a local township just a few miles to the north of our town of Ripon.  This series was made to highlight a few of the historical areas around the area.  The series was very well done, and the cache pages include a great amount of history for each area.  If anyone is in the area make sure to hit this series...right after you hit our Mascoutin Valley Trail series of course.   Well done Skunk & Tarz!!!

 We ended up running into another group of cachers while finding one of the caches for the series.  Pictured here is: Sweech(Lower Left) Blondie BloodHound(Lower Right), and your authors standing behind them.  Not pictured is the talented photographer- Sparse Grey Hackle.  Thanks for taking the picture, it was nice running into you guys!

Here I am right after breaking the brand new cache!!  We were the second to find the series final, and I already broke it.....oh wait, you cant really break an ammo box.  See what I mean about the non-photogenic comment made earlier! 

Wee-ner mobile travel bug taken, and ready to move up-north this coming weekend.

Above the series we were able to throw another 6 caches in the mix while we were between the series caches.

Cache-Bag Additions

Ruth and I have always enjoyed trying to identify different plants, trees, and birds while out caching and hiking.  We will always make bets on what we think a particular plant or animal might be, but would have to wait to get home to settle the score.  We finally found a great set of small, color pictured books to take along with us.  Now when we have a bet placed we can settle the score immediately.  These books are great to have along, and we have pulled them out a few times already.  I would recommend anybody get a set like this for their local area, and you would be surprised how much you open them up.

The color pictures are great for quick identification.   Also the way they are listed-Trees By leaf type & Birds and flowers by color makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Here are the three books we have purchased so far, next we will be getting..Mammals, Insects, and Mushrooms.

I know a little about most trees from my woodworking experience, but there is so much more to know.

The birds I know the least about, this one gets allot of use!

Just a little piece of info I thought you fellow cachers would like! 

Please, please post a comment if you have any tips like this to make the caching experience even richer than it already is!!   Or, you could even post to the blog directly if you would like, I am always open to more authors than just myself!


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