Caches, Mushrooms, and Ten Years!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yesterday Ruth and I decided to head out for a quick 10 cache run.  We decided to pick off a few that have been on our list, and a few new local caches.  Unfortunately we forgot the camera, so there are no cache pictures.  We did go 10/10 and threw in a few that were a bit of a hike, and it was a perfect day for those. 

The best find of the day was not any of the caches, but it was the Morel Mushrooms we found while out caching.  We have always kept an eye out for them, but before today had never run across an amount large enough to pick.  We stumbled upon these and had to take advantage.  If you know anything about morels, you know they are a prize to be found.  They rarely grow in the same spot 2 years in a row, and are almost impossible to farm on a consistent basis.  They are referred to as the million dollar crop, this is because if you could successfully grow one full acre of them it would be worth around one million dollars.   There are websites, and clubs dedicated to hunting for morel mushrooms.  They only grow in the spring, and can pop up overnight.  I think we will keep looking around in the next week or two, and then the season will be done.

 Here is a picture of our small take.  We soaked them in salt water to clean out the pores, and to kill off any bacteria.  The mushrooms were then cut into halves the long way to make sure nothing was inside.  Simply sauteed in a cast iron pan with a little butter and seasoning salt...they are really delicious!  If you run across a few of these, do yourself a favor and give them a try.  Go to The Great Morel Home Page to learn about where to find them, and which ones not to pick.

Video Of The Week...10 Year Style.

The video of the week is dedicated to the ten year anniversary of caching that happened in April/May of 2000.    This video contains some home footage of Dave putting together the first ever geocache.  With all of the ten year events going on, I figured this would be a good video to show.


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