One Year Anniversary

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today marks our one year anniversary of finding our first geocache.  It all started because one of our favorite up-north resorts mentioned geocaching in its photo blog, The BirchBark Blog.  We had read this blog for years, and always had seen their occasional posts about caching, so finally one night I decided to create an account, and the very next day we were on our first hunts.  The account was under the name "Stobber", we only had 7 finds under that name until we realized we needed a more plural name to represent us as a team.   That was when MuddyBottoms was born. 

I am hoping to go out and get an anniversary cache when Ruth gets home from work.

Here are a few pictures from our first cache, and some memorable ones we found along the way.

Our very first cache was a lengthy multi-cache called Rush Lake View.  Here I am plugging in the coordinates for the final at WP1.

Here is our first cache...a lock-n-lock hiding in its place!  Success! We were hooked.

Here we are after finding Fox Proposal Point.  This was our last cache as Stobber, and the one that inspired the name MuddyBottoms.  As we stood up from taking this exact picture the name popped into our heads, well because we had muddy bottoms.  This cache still resides on our top 5 list, an awesome cache that helped fuel our addiction.

Here I am standing next to our 100th milestone cache!  Kind of a spoiler, so I will not list the cache name.  But it was concealed underground, about 300' into a culvert, directly above us is home plate for the local little league field.  As we stood there wondering where a large container could be hidden on a baseball field, I instantly knew it was below us, and the adventure began.  Thank god we had the mag-lite along...the camera flash makes it seem comfy, but you literally could see nothing.  Awesome!

Here we are with our 200th cache, called Old School | Playin Hooky in a HOLE!

Here Ruth is signing our 300th log, this one was called Seldom Entered|Often Seen

Here we stand with our 400th cache.  This was called Walk On The Wild Side #4.  This was part of a series with 6 Walk on the wild side caches.  The final happens to be our next milestone.

As mentioned above this cache was a final location for a series, this was called Ryan's Rebus, and it happened to be our 500th cache.

So, there you have it, one year down, and hopefully many more to come.  We have really enjoyed caching, and have gotten so much more out of it than just signing logs and counting our caches.  We cannot say enough how appreciative we are to our fellow cachers for placing caches in such wonderful places we would have never seen if it were not for caching!


Joe said...

Cool blog man! Me and my girlfriend should probably switch to just one username.

You mind checking out my geocaching blog?

Scrappy Scout said...

congrates buddy hope to cache with you kids again some time see ya

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