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Monday, April 26, 2010

It has been a-while since my last post with any substance, so I figured I better get back on track.

Here are a few pictures of our caching excursions since our last post.

There is also a video of the week to check out.

A new poll question has also been posted, since we are so close to May, I just skipped the April poll question.

Here Mrs. MuddyBottoms looks through the swag, while Mrs. OldyWeds is taking a very important phone call.  This was a beautiful cache perched right on a ledge in the woods.

This "fort" was just down the ledge...not sure how comfy the rock bed, or the stone pillow would be, but probably slightly better than no bed or pillow!

Here we are at the floating boardwalk in the Horicon Marsh.  This was a great earthcache in an beautiful Federal nature preserve.

We did recently pick up our 500th milestone cache.  Ryans Rebus was its name, the final for the awesome "Walk on the Wild Side" series.  We had a blast with this one!!

While on a caching run we noticed this HUGE water looked like an eyedropper.  We had to take a picture.

Just down the road from the eyedropper we noticed this very interesting Cadillac.  The inspiration for the escalade?? Maybe!

This was a log in a cache dedicated to the now extinct kodak 35mm film.  A very interesting log, pull out the film and wind it back in when you are done.

Video of the Week

This one looks like it would be a blast!! Where are the caches like this in my area??
Its kind of long, and bad video quality, but you can still appreciate the adventure.


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