Stuck at 199...not by choice

Monday, October 26, 2009

As of Saturday morning we had been in quite a slump lately when it came to cache finds(only one all month).  So Saturday we decided we would make a quick local run to knock out 7 caches to get us to exactly 200...a great milestone! 
 Well, we headed in the Berlin direction to check out some cool caches, with #200 set to be found in the White River Marsh.  The first 6 were all great caches, all was going good, no DNF's and no problems.  Now we were all set up to find #200!! 
We pulled into the parking area in the marsh, and immediately two more trucks pulled up.  Uh-oh! There were a total of four bow-hunters in those two trucks.  Being an avid deer hunter myself, I knew instantly that if they were hunting the area that the cache was in, there was no way I was going to walk right through their hunting grounds.  I decided to let the guys go their own ways, and luckily they all crossed the road. 
 Now that I did not have to worry about ruining anybodies hunt we headed out for the White River Marsh Cache.  We walked down the nice trail that had been recently cut, gps working great, there was no stopping us now!  Well to make a long story short....we found the supposed ground zero with no problem.  Unfortunately there was no cache to be found.  Our GPS seemed to be working just fine, and was not jumpy at all.    We had read on previous logs that the coordinates seemed to be off, and reception might be lacking.  So, we started to work our way outward in a huge circle, at points I was more than 300' from GZ.  We struck out on this one.  Our 200th find will have to wait until this weekend. 
Team MuddyBottoms is planning an all weekend cache excursion.  We are hoping to pass up #200 and possibly get to 250 this weekend as well.  Stay tuned to see how that goes!


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