Mascoutin Valley Trail....New Hides Complete!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

This last Saturday I hooked up with a fellow geocacher from Berlin to do a cool series of caches.  His name is CodeJunkie, and he is a great guy with great geo-instincts.  We successfully hid a total of eleven new caches along the section of the Mascoutin Valley Trail that runs between Ripon and Berlin.  Ten of the caches contain a clue that you need to pair up to get the coordinates for the final.  The five hides on the Berlin half of the trail are owned by "CodeJunkie", the other five + the final on the Ripon side are owned by me,"MuddyBottoms". These caches just went live this afternoon, and already they have all been found by two cachers by the names of "BakRdz" & "jstajlr".  These two gentleman unknowingly each completed half of the caches, and teamed up to get a CO-First To Find on the final...well done.  Not only did they find them fast, they did it in the rain, and a few of them in the dark!  That's what its all about!

I hope everyone enjoys this series, and takes in all that the great trail system has to offer.


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