My new hide spot was too "weedy"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

 Not your normal C.I.T.O. event

I was out this afternoon checking out an area where I am going to place another hide.  While I was walking through the woods I spotted a ziplock bag, which I picked up as usual.  Normally I just throw them in the pack to be thrown out later, but this one was a little heavier than the usual.  The contents of this bag were not at all normal.  This bag contained a glass pipe, a bic lighter and another smaller bag containing remnants of marijuana.

When I got back to the truck I immediately called the Police Dept.  When officer Henke arrived he jokingly asked if I was trying to do his job.  Officer Henke is in charge of the drug dog in Ripon, so this is his forte.  I told him no, only when I have to.  I showed him the bag and he said "uh-oh, somebody is upset that they lost this."  He thanked me and we were both on our separate ways. 

Speaking of new cache hides

I am working on 3 separate caches here in Ripon.  Keep your eyes out for 3 new Multi-Caches.  Each one will accent a different nature trail system in the Ripon area.  I expect to be done with these in the next one to two weeks.  My goal for these is not for difficult finds, or super tricky puzzles, I just want to show people the great places to check out other views of Ripon.


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