Ceresco Prairie Conservancy....more hides.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I guess I figured that placing eleven new hides on Saturday was not enough....today I hid some more.  Today I completed a 6 stage multi-cache in the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy.  Well before I was introduced to geocaching I have enjoyed this great area.  I knew right after finding out about geocaching that I would have to do some hides in this area.  It has so many different terrain types, and awesome sights to see.  There is also an abundance of wildlife to watch. 

Hiding this cache was really fun for me, because of the amount of traffic on the trail.  While I was doing the hides, the college mountain biking team was out using the trail to practice for nationals coming up soon in California.  So, every time they came by I had to either try to hide, or look totally innocent, which in turn made me look even more suspicious.  They had to have been wondering what I was up to. Not only were there the bikers, but also the normal amount of people just out for a walk.  It was very fun to try and make the hides without being noticed.  It sure would be bad if any of the hides were muggled before the cache was even made public.

The hide took me a few hours to complete, and I think it turned out pretty well.  I am not totally sure about some of my hides being muggle proof, while still staying winter friendly.  I will check them often and make sure they stick around. 

So to any fellow cachers reading this...you have a heads up that this cache should go live in the next day or two...I am hoping tonight.

Here is the map of the trail system...my hides encompass the part of the trail to the east of the "you are here" star.  Ups and downs...woods...prairie...ponds....rock ledges its all there. 

Let me know what you think of the cache!!


Anonymous said...

Nice little blog, Muddybottoms.

got yourself a reader.

Todd300 from WGA forums

MuddyBottoms said...

Glad you enjoy it Todd...thank you for commenting! Keep in touch!

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