30/30 With a Milestone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today we planned a full day of caching.  We started the day off at 199 finds, and knew our first cache of the day was going to be our milestone, so we had to choose wisely.  We are choosing not to say which caches we did today, because we don't want to spoil any caching for anybody else, but as you all know, it would be pretty easy to figure out!  Check out some of the pictures of the more memorable caches of the day.  We were perfect today, we went 30 for 30 without a single DNF, and we did our first virtual cache.

Here we are with our 200th cache, if you notice the hole to the right of the picture, well, the cache was at the bottom of the 8' deep casement.   We had to use some smarts to raise this one up to our level.

This one was really interesting to us, and the first cache we had done on private property.  Being on private property, the worry of muggles is non-existent.  This allows for quite elaborate hide containers.  This one consisted of two large coffee cans hidden inside of the computer tower.  Very fun, very clever!

This hide was posted as very wet, and rather difficult.  We are not sure if we were supposed to, but we ran across this bridge laying in the weeds.  We had to pull it out of the weeds and actually place it across the creek, but it worked out perfectly.  After we were done, we placed the bridge back where we found it, and laughed our way back to the car.  We almost felt as though we cheated.  Very fun cache!

Here we are at an EartheCache, at this one we learned about the different types of granite, and how hard or soft rocks can be.  Great area!

Yet again, another very creative cache placement on private property.  This one was actually hidden in a car!  More laughing!

With a total of 30 caches, we could not talk about them all.  We did some very cool, very different WSQ cemetery caches.  We also did some easy park and grabs, and some nice 1.6 mile hikes on rails to trails land.  A great day filled with a great variety of caches, that to us, is what it is all about! 

Next weekend we are planning another very cache-rich weekend!  If I can do enough caches during the week after work, I am sure we could even hit # 300 next weekend!! I hope, I hope!!  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You didn't have to hide the bridge so well. I walked along the river looking for your little gift but couldn't find it. I finally found a narrow spot where I could jump across. Which means it was very narrow. :)


MuddyBottoms said...

LOL...we placed it exactly where we found it, right out in the open right by the creek. Maybe a deer hunter who placed it there decided to take it with him.

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