Yoopers for the weekend!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

This afternoon we arrived in Iron Mountain and we instantly fell in love with the area.  After we got all checked in and settled into our hotel rooms we headed out for a few easier caches right here in town.  We figured we would take it easy after the long day of travel and what not.  We have a nice caching day all laid out for tomorrow, which should prove to be a little more involved, and the scenery should be a step above.  One of the caches we did today took us to a great ski-jump.  It was called "What goes up....must come down".  Here are a few pictures of the ski jump.  Trust me, it is much steeper and more intimidating in person, but the view was breathtaking, almost as breathtaking as the thought of actually skiing down that thing!!

Here is the jump from the bottom.....there happened to be a group of teenagers shooting some sort of video as we were there.

A view looking out from a platform equal with the base of the jump....the longest jump at this hill happens to be 468 feet....wow!

Stay tuned each day for updates and pictures of our journeys.  Tommorrow we are checking out Piers Gorge and a few other really great waterfalls.


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