2 More Days in Paradise

Sunday, September 27, 2009

After the day of caching we had yesterday I was too tired to make a post so late in the evening.  So I will post some pictures from yesterday and today.  Check out the pictures!  What a blast we have been having.

Saturdays Journeys

 This was a wonderful waterfall right by the cache called Back to the Beginning.  There used to be a hydro-electric dam on this river, but it was removed years ago, now you can barely see the remnants.  Great views.

We did a couple of caches at a very popular spot called Piers Gorge.  There were great hiking trails along this stretch of the Menominee River.  From one of the cache locations you could see rafters go over the rapids.  I was jealous, it looked like a blast.

That was only our favorite two of Saturdays 11 caches, they all were great, just to many to post about.

Sundays Journeys

Here we are(MuddyBottoms), and my parents(OldyWeds) at a cache located at Long Lake Falls.  This one was great for a few reasons.  First off it required some four wheel drive skills just to reach the cache, the hike was pretty easy, and finally the views and falls were spectacular.  We hung out for a while exploring the area.

This cache was called HorseRace Rapids.  Another great waterfall.  I cannot believe how many great waterfalls and rapids are up here.  I only posted pictures of a few, we did many many more and there are countless more that we never even saw.  Geocaching is so great, I love the areas it has brought us to, that otherwise we would have never even knew existed.

Today, Sunday, was a great day, we  found all 14 caches we set out to find. 

Tomorrow we plan on taking a tour of one of the old local iron mines, not sure how much caching we are going to do, but the tour should be really great. 


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