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Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 WGA Winter Bonfire & Chili Feed

On Saturday we did a little caching on our way to our first Wisconsin Geocaching Association event.  The Bonfire and Chili Feed was a huge success, and we had a blast.  We met many new cachers, and talked to many more familiar faces.  The chili was excellent, and so were the many many dishes brought by fellow members.  It was nice to swap a few stories around the fire, and check out some cool coins and bugs around the table inside the field house.  Click HERE to go to the WGA picture page for this event.  I will definitely be going again next year, maybe it will even be closer to home.   We ended up grabbing ten caches before the event, making it a total of 11 for the day, a good winter caching day.

Sunday Cache Run
Saturdays ten caches and an event were not enough, on the way home we were already planning our full day of caching for sunday.  We figured we would invite our friends who are new to caching along with us, so we sent them a text on our way home from the event.  After some talking they decided it would be easier for one of them to cache, and the other to stay home with the kids.  It was decided that Jackie, 1/2 of the TrollPatrol team would be joining us.  

We headed out at 8 a.m. and headed once again to the Wild Rose area.  We had 35 caches on our to-do-list and ended up finding 19 of them.  We started the day with a series of pretty tough winter hikes, so that slowed our day down quite a bit right off the bat.  Who cares though?  I love the great caches that we did, the numbers will always be there, it is hard to pass up so many quality caches.  We completed another 3 of the Walk on the Wild Series by labrat wr, who placed this great series.  We only have one of those left to find which contains the last code needed to find the series final "Ryan's Rebus".  We look forward to finishing this very well done cache series!
We also did a couple of terrain five caches on islands, but we must admit, we cheated a little and drove the truck right on the ice, right out to the islands.  They were still some very fun caches.

Here I am signing a log on an island, you can see the truck in the background.  

One of the caches we found was called Graffiti Bridge, I wonder why?
Here is Jackie of "TrollPatrol" in the green taking their first trackable.
 Here we are at one of the Walk on the Wild Side caches, camera perched in a tree to get a group shot.

Monday Cache Run
Today, Scrappy Scout, a Milwaukee area cacher, and I decided to meet up half way and do some caching in the Slinger, Mayville area.  We managed to find eleven pretty easy caches on a nice relaxed easy going day of caching.  I had a really great time with Kevin(scout) today, and I am sure he will have something to say about it on his blog as well, which is in my list of watched blogs.  

One of my favorite pieces of history are old mills, either sawmills or grain mills.  This was the site of an old grain mill in Mayville Wi.  I love these sights.  This one was just the old race(waterway), but it was still fun to explore.  

New Poll, Weekly Caching Video, and What Not.
The March Caching poll is now up, so please cast your vote on your perfect day of caching....don't worry, you can be honest, nobody will know it was you!!

Here is the video of the week!! This video is so stupid and cheesy that it is absolutely hilarious....enjoy!!

If you get a minute, hop in the LIVE CHAT...ANYONE is welcome, and we would love to talk with some of you cachers that are from outside the Wisconsin border as well...we don't bite, honestly.  Take a minute, pop in and see what the topic of discussion may be.   


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