More NoDak caches bite the dust!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now that I have my lovely bride all moved in with me here in Williston, we decided to grab a few of her first North Dakota caches yesterday.  We managed to find 8 more local caches, and had to DNF two that we were unable to locate.  There seems to be very few active cachers up here, as many of the caches we have found were not previously found since last October.  

There are still about 30 caches just within a twenty minute drive from us.  We also plan on hiding a few of our own now that we are permanent residents.  We are also going to be sending a few travel bugs out into the world, we are tossing a few ideas around for a theme, and a goal.  

Stay tuned, now that our lives have seemed to settle down a bit, we should be a little more active in the caching world again.  

 Log signed, after sitting six months under the snow since its last was in great shape!

Cache replaced, another one that lasted well through the long winter....Little Muddy River in the background.


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