Finally, my first ND Cache!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yesterday I finally got my first cache while out here in ND...instead of typing the story over, I said it pretty well in my it is.

----This is my first ND cache!! I am living here in Williston temporarily from work, I am from Wisconsin. I have been in town a little over a month, and have been wanting to cache since day one. While at work today I started to talk about caching with my boss, and he said "lets go find one" he downloaded the app for his IPhone and off we went. This was the closest cache to work. I quickly started using the title as the hint like was stated in the description. With my boss's help we were able to make the find pretty quickly. He would have had no idea how to find it, but I have found this style before, and it caught my eye right away. I just looked at him and said "I see it" he was blown away and said where. I snagged it and he was amazed. Great cache, and great container...thanks for my first ND cache....many more to come.

He will be setting up an account and going back to sign and log this cache! Another member of the caching community!----

Now that he is hooked on caching already, he said we need to go out today again after we get a little work done at the shop.  So maybe I will get a few more caches today, but not sure. 

It felt good to get a find after such a long dry steak.


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