New Life Out West

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just to let all of you in blog land know, I have recently moved to North Dakota for work.  I will be here at least 4-6 months, with the possibility of moving out here permanently.  My company is paying all of my living expenses, including housing, food cable, internet, everything!  It really is a great deal, I also got a huge raise, monthly bonuses, and they pay for me to fly home every four weeks.

Now that I am here, and settled in, I am hoping to do a little caching.  There is a allot of snow on the ground here in Williston ND, but I think I can find a few caches if I try.

Here are a few pictures of my house, the area, and things I have seen out here in my first week.

 Me and my new truck, about 5 minutes before I pulled out of the driveway.

 My view for most of the trip.

 My home away from home, its older, but the price is right, and its warm and cozy.

 This is the reason I am here...ND Oil Fields.

 The bridge over Lake Sakakawea...beautiful area!

On day one, the boss hands us the company credit card and says, "go get whatever you need for your house", so we did.  Notice the flat screen!  He will also be getting us an xbox if we want it.  Really nice to be taken care of!

Stay tuned, hopefully I will find some time for caching this next weekend.


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