Another Milestone Today!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today I went caching with my parents who were only a few finds away from reaching #200.  I recommended a cache for them which we had found over a year ago.  I offered absolutely no help, as I feel they needed to find the milestone on their own.  I walked behind them the whole way, and they did a great job.  "Fox Proposal Point" is an excellent cache that still remains on our top 5 list of all time caches.  It is a somewhat strenuous hike, and a little of a "which way do we go" type of cache.  The views are great, and it fit the bill for their milestone perfectly.

It was an absolutely perfect day for caching, sunny, cool and just enough breeze to make it comfy.

 Here they are with #200 in hand.  Well done team "OldyWeds"

 The view from the cache.  They main river heads to the right where there used to be a dam.  The dam was removed in 2003 as it was no longer needed, and blocked any fish from moving up-river.  The channel to the left was where the locks were.  No dam, no need for a lock system. 

With the milestone cache, which obviously was not logged by us, we ended the day with 7 finds which is good considering a few of them were longer hikes.  What a great day, I love caching in the fall.


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