#600 and The Tunnel Of Terror

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterday we finally made the drive southwest to grab our 600th cache.  It was an absolutely perfect day for caching...low 60's, and sunny.  We started the day with 583 finds, which meant we had to find 16 caches to reach 599 and set ourselves up for #600.   It was a fun trip with a great mixture of cemetery hides, park hides, a few guardrails, and a few hikes.  We usually aren't big fans of these park and grabs, but when we have a milestone in sight, and shorter days, we do what we have to, and a numbers run is always fun. 

We finally got ourselves to 599 and headed our way to New Glarus for #600.   Finally after watching the cache for a long time, waiting for the time we could make the trip we pulled up to the parking coordinates for "The Tunnel of Terror".  We love the hikes on the old railroad bed trails, and this one happens to run through a tunnel built in the 1860's.  This will go down as one of our favorite caches, and will be added to our top 5 list here on the blog!  We spent over an hour exploring the tunnel, and the area around and above it.  What a perfect setting for a cache! 

Enjoy some pictures taken throughout our day of caching!

 Just after we started the hike, a sign lets us know we are not far!

 We are just about to hit the entrance as a few bikers make their way out.

Throughout the tunnel there is allot of brickwork and repair jobs that have been performed through the years.


 This picture was taken in the very center of the tunnel.  There was just a shade of light from behind us.  We put the camera on the tripod, and set the shutter speed very slow.  Just enough light got through to make a pretty sweet picture.  You can actually see our shadows while standing behind the camera.  We could see absolutely nothing, it was pitch black, but obviously enough light made it through...good stuff!

The view from the top of the tunnel.

Here is a plague at a site of an earth cache we did later in the day.  If you can't read it, this spot was washed away during a flood.  The breach allowed Lake Delton to completely empty into the Wisconsin River.  Homes were destroyed, a highway washed away, and a lake was emptied to just a muddy hole.  It was interesting to watch this unfold on the news.  A great earthcache!

The grassy area where the deer are standing is the new fill added when the breech was filled.  In the background is the Wisconsin River Lower Dells area where the lake emptied into.  The water carved a 300 foot wide, 700 foot long, and 30 food deep gorge.  The lake took only hours to empty its over 600 million gallons of water.  This is one of the most beautiful areas of the state.

Adult Novelties and Bakery??? Really??? Only in Wisconsin!


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