Slow Going in MuddyBottoms Land.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It has been pretty slow around here when it comes to caching.  We have just plain been too busy to get out like we want to.  We did go last weekend and grab a few, but no pictures were taken.  It was nice, we were able to grab 17 caches without going to far from home.  That shows for sure that it has been a while since we have been out.  New cachers are placing caches in the area quicker than we are able to find them

I also have some long overdue maintenance to complete.  I have a cache that I adopted a few months ago and has not been found since because I made it unavailable since it is missing.  I still have yet to get that one going.  I really need to, not good!

We do not have too much planned for this weekend, maybe we can plan a run to get our 600th knocked out.  We really want to head south to the New Glarus area to grab a cache on our watch list.  It would make a perfect cache for a milestone.  Check this one out. Tunnel of Terror!!!  Hopefully we can make this happen soon.


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