Mini Cache Run....W/ Spoilers!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today my Dad and I (oldyweds) decided to make a quick 15 cache run while the ladies prepared Christmas such things.  We decided to head to the Waukau area.  We managed to find all 15 caches we set out after.  We had some easy ones and some not so easy ones, but none proved to be hard enough for the powerhouse dynamic duo!

One of the caches was near the Eureka locks.  A great cache in a great area, we have spent countless hours just below the dam in search of the illusive walleye.  We have shared many successful days fishing, as well as many more unsuccessful days.  It was nice to see ice forming, as I love to ice-fish more than open water fishing.

One of the caches had a much harder difficulty rating of a four, but with the help of our F-150 ladder, it was not a problem.  We stood under it, looking at the tree we would have to climb,and then hit hit us...use the truck!! heheheehe, such cheaters we are.

We did not take any more pictures than that, but we had a blast on our few hour cache run.  One of the caches we did at the Waukau dam area took us across the creek and up a pretty steep incline, I wish we would have taken the camera, because the sun was bouncing off of the winding creek, a great picture it would have made!

Check out the scrolling picture slide show that I put up, if you have any interesting pictures of your caching adventures I will gladly post them.  I will also post your caching name on the picture if you wish. is the e-mail addy if you are interested.


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